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Interclaus comes as a messenger for everyone who wants to hear and share it. Cooperation, equality and unity are the values he propagates. Young and old are always reminded that we should be in the service of each other.Giving and receiving is central.

This year is already certain that the Interklaas party is celebrated in different schools of Holland. 

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Interclaus - Audio
  • Interklaas Audio Song-Ronny Gee
  • Interklaas e Dansi Remix-Sunnery James

  1. Interklaas Audio Song – Ronny Gee   

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  2. Interklaas e Dansi Remix – Sunnery James    

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It must become an intercultural, international and interactive party full of understanding and patience. That is the goal of coming this year of Interklaas. Interklaas comes with a specific message everybody. Interklaas wants fraternization and love and will, without compromising existing ones traditions, that everyone answers the divisions in society with giving and receiving. If this component can be added to the current feast of “giving and receiving”, then the mission of Interklaas succeeded and creates an even richer party on December 5th than in the past decades.

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